Scrap-A-Thon 9 Mini-retreat! 4 day Getaway! 

No frills - unstructured! Ladies Only Halloween 4-day Weekend Retreat Getaway! 

DATE?                            Fri – Mon, 10/27 - 10/30/2017. 
                                       1:30pm – 11:30pm. 

Time?                             Doors Open all days - 1:30pm for Day Trippers.
                                        Doors Open all days - 1:00pm for Weekend Pass holders!
                                        Doors Close all days - 11:30pm.
Come when you can, leave when you need to.
Unpack & set up once.
Leave your stuff setup overnight upon departure each night. 


Where?                               The SPlayce!
                                             (Space Playce - art studio of Mary Lou 'LuLu' Haynes)
                                             12757 S. Western Avenue, Suite 110
                                             Blue Island, Il, 60406

                                             To enter when you arrive, call LuLu 1-312-317-1505. 
                                             Entrance in rear.


WHAT IS  included?                          
                                                 Your own 4’ x 2’ table, folding chair, and power outlet!
  • Click TOOLS tab for list of supplies and tools to use/share.
  • Help in on Friday at 1:30 pm, out on Monday at 11:30pm.
  • Accessible Ramp in/out of building to door of mini-retreat!
  • Free parking! 

Who can attend?               All lady crafters over 18 years of age are welcome.
                                              No babies, children, strollers, or pets.

What to do?                       Coloring, beading, sewing, scrapping, knitting, cropping, card-making,
                                              crocheting, crafting, relaxing, art journaling, bullet journaling, ATCs,
                                              altered books, watercolors, mixed media – whatever.
                                              No pressure, and no activities scheduled.
                                              Get done any stuff you want to get done!
                                              Work / play at your own pace.

To bring?                              IMPORTANT: Bring the directions and LuLu's cell phone number.
                                               Bring your photos, camera, die cutting machine, and crafty projects!
       Bring extension cord for your electric die cutter or heat gun.

What NOT to bring?            No alcohol allowed in building.
                                                No personal audible/amplified music. 
                                                No perfumes or toxic products needing ventilation.
                                                Do not bring everything plus The 'kitchen sink' - space is limited.
                                              Private & secure Accessible Ladies room is down the hall.
                                    Key provided with doorknob holder.


Phone charger?                  One cell phone charger available - first come, first served.
Phone booth?                     In consideration of attendees, use our phone booth for calls and texts.
Wi-Fi available?                  Wi-Fi not available.
Computer? Printer?           Not available.


What to wear?                   Super comfy clothes.  Optional: a costume, your tiara, PJs, slippers. 
Temp?                                  Temp ranges between 65 - 75 degrees F. Dress in layers.


Mary Lou ‘LuLu’ Haynes
  • join Wait List, or
  • send group member names, or
  • send 2-day random dates.

Hope you can craft with us this Halloween!
Thank you for choosing Scrap-A-Thon!


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